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About Us

How does a company grow from a single raft-load of lumber in 1855 to one of today’s multi-million dollar leaders in the building industry?

Commitment to the people we serve, and to the people who serve us.

United Building Centers began as a brainchild of William, Matthew and John Laird, brothers who saw an opportunity to begin a building trade from a single raft of building materials that landed — with a little bit of luck — on the shores of the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota. Joined a year later by brothers James and Matthew Norton, they formed Laird, Norton & Co., a company known for fair trade and an eye toward the future. As westward expansion drove settlers beyond Minnesota, the company moved with them, helping build new communities throughout the Dakotas.

As growth and competition in the 1900s lead to mergers in the industry, Laird, Norton & Co. emerged as United Building Centers. And today, we hold our commitment to fairness and service as sacred as the Laird brothers did back in 1855.